This is Blockchain Assets Pty Ltd’s response the ASIC Discussion Paper 343, which can be found here

Introduction and Summary

Blockchain Assets Pty Ltd is the trustee and manager (the Manager) of the Blockchain Early Opportunities Fund. This submission draws on the experience the Manager has researching and investing in blockchain technology for more than 5 years.

We have over the years watched with interest the development of regulations across…

We need to think about money! Because money is changing fast and we want to have a say on those changes before it is too late.

The Australian Dollar (‘the Aussie’) is one of the world’s best fiat currencies, we are proud of the Aussie and all it represents. But…

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his wife, Louise Linton hold up freshly printed USD 1 notes

I do not usually make my investor newsletter public, but given the significance of recent and unfolding events I have decided to share it on this occasion (excluding funds performance data, AUM figures and asset allocation details).

Dear Fellow Investors

I hope you and your families are well and staying safe. This is…

The Nation State Arms Race for Cryptofiat


Humans change their money every century or so, (see the Bitcoin Standard and the History of Money) and such change does not typically happen with a big bang, it is more of a gradual process with the new system replacing the legacy system over decades.

For the purpose of this…

Submission to Australian Treasury Department

Introduction and Summary

My submission considers three aspects of the proposed elimination of Cash from Australian society.

1. Human Rights and the importance of Cash to freedom and liberty.

2. The exemption for ‘Digital Currency’ and Australia’s position in the world relative to the development of peer-to-peer transactional…

In June 2019, I began a series of 3 free talks on Bitcoin, Cryptoassets and Blockchain. The objective of these talks was to engage with my local community on these topics, I hoped to widen the understandings of those interested enough to attend.

Having been banned by Facebook for advertising…

Ian Love

Founder of the first cryptoasset investment firm in Australia, Blockchain Assets Pty Ltd. See more at

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